Unit Rental Information

Marina Village Unit Rental Guidelines

rentOur Declaration states:

  1. Each unit is hereby restricted to residential use by the owner or owners thereof, their immediate families, lessees, guests and invitees.  Each unit is hereby restricted to no more than 6 occupants, without the Association’s consent.
  1. The unit may be rented provided the occupancy is only by one (1) lessee and the members of his/her immediate family and guests.  The minimum rental period is ninety (90) days. No rooms may be rented and no transient tenants may be accommodated.  No lease of a unit shall release or discharge the owner thereof of compliance with this Section (X) or any of his/her other duties as a unit owner.  Time sharing of units is prohibited.  Ownership, or leasing, of a unit on a monthly or weekly time sharing program is prohibited.  Subleasing of units is prohibitedAll leases shall be in writing and shall be subject to the Declaration, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and the Rules and Regulations of the Association and shall be approved by the Association Board.

Condominium Rules relating to rentals:

  • All leases must be approved by the Board. At least 10 days prior to the tenant moving in, owners must submit a completed Marina Village Rental Application, a copy of the lease and a fee of $50 per tenant, not to exceed $100 per family to the management company, for Board approval. A credit/criminal background check will be performed by the Association. The Board may waive the application fee if a current criminal background check and credit check is submitted with the application.  An Access code for the front gates and building lobby doors will be issued to tenants after the application receives board approval.
  • Rentals must be for a minimum of three consecutive months and there can only be two (2) rental contracts per year.
  • As a guideline, only two persons per bedroom will be allowed.
  • Owners must have their tenants acknowledge and sign a statement that they have received a copy of the rules and have accepted them and will conduct themselves accordingly. This statement must be on file with a copy of the lease with the condominium management company prior to occupancy.
  • Sub-letting by a renter is prohibited.

Owners should ensure their renters are equipped with keys to the common areas (stairwells, clubhouse) as well as a key to the unit. The Board or BP Davis is NOT responsible for providing them keys. Owners should also provide garage door openers to access the unit’s covered parking.