Recycle_logo_lgWe love our environment.  Please do your part in keeping our community clean.

  1. All trash disposed of in the trash chute must be secured in watertight packaging of sufficient strength to withstand a 4-story fall without breaking. No loose garbage may be put into the chute or the dumpsters.
  2. Any contractors working within the Marina Village must remove their trash off the site and are not allowed to use the building dumpsters.
  3. Diapers and animal waste must be within tight plastic bags and carried to the dumpsters.
  4. No large item may be disposed of in the dumpsters or in the trash rooms.  Large items include, but are not limited to, mattresses, furniture, televisions, paint cans, etc. Such items may be disposed of by calling a service such as Waste Management. (Current phone # is 321-723-4455).
  5. Please use our Recycle bins!!

More info on Brevard Waste Management