The Marina Village basin provides easy access to the Port Canaveral Lock and the Intra-coastal waterway. Each slip has individual water and electric service.



  1. Any “vessel” shall mean any boat slip owner’s or lessee’s recreational motorboat or watercraft. No houseboat, airboat, floating home, house-like barge, seaplane or commercial vessel is permitted in the Marina. Any dispute will be determined by a majority of the Board.
  2. All owners of vessels in the Marina must have current registration or documentation as well as insurance naming “Marina Village Condo Association” as additional insured.  This information must be forwarded to BP Davis prior to your arrival into the Marina. Any damage done by your vessel to pilings, docks, bulkheads or other vessels is your responsibility to repair ASAP. Also, all vessels must get approval from the Board prior to docking vessel to insure that type, height and length are within Marina rules. Each vessel owner must carry minimum $100,000 general liability coverage.
  3. The perimeter decking of the Marina is for all condo residents. The finger piers are to be utilized by slip owners/renters and their guests “ONLY”.
  4. There is to be no fishing whatsoever inside the perimeter of the Marina. No fish shall be cleaned, prepared or processed whatsoever in the Marina.
  5. Vessel owners are responsible for proper mooring and maintaining lines in good strong and neat condition.
  6. All dock boxes are to get approval by Board and must conform with all the others in Marina. Nothing may be kept on your dock or the decking of the Marina.
  7. Any improvement to boat slips must get prior approval from the Board i.e.: lift, etc. There are to be no lights on lifts, docks or boats.
  8. No radio-controlled vessels are permitted inside Marina.
  9. No open fires shall be permitted on any vessel, dock or boat slip.
  10. Major repairs are prohibited inside of the Marina. Any discharge of fuel or oil is prohibited. If an accident occurs, party is responsible for immediate cleanup.
  11. Any boat fitted with sanitary equipment must adhere to State, Federal and Coast Guard laws.
  12. There is not to be any overnight stays on a vessel without prior permission by the Board.
  13. There shall be no overnight parking of transient boats without prior approval of the Board, except in case of an emergency.
  14. Coast Guard rules supersede all other rules.
  15. Noise levels will conform with the condo rules already in effect. Engines should be muffled according to manufacturer’s specs. Any dispute will go before the Board for resolution.
  16. There are vast differences in blueprint lengths and widths and actual size. At this point in time, we will attempt to stay with architectural renderings unless it impedes traffic in and around Marina. If and when that occurs, the Board of Directors will have final approval.

Download Vessel Registration Form: Vessel Registration Form

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