Condo Rules



 FOR OWNERS & TENANTS Revised 4/24/14


Each owner has the responsibility to maintain the quality of living at Marina Village in such a manner that it provides all the pleasures that the owners have a right to expect in a residential condominium.

To fulfill this responsibility, a Board of Administration is elected periodically who will enforce and update common sense rules of conduct and security.

Rules must be imposed to ensure that those few who are unmindful of the quality of life expected at Marina Village will be so guided.

These  rules have been distributed to all owners and have been approved by the majority of the owners and ratified by the Board of Directors. As such, any violations could be subject to fines as prescribed in the condominium documents and as guided by the laws of the State of Florida.

It is each owner’s responsibility to advise their guests and renters of these rules and assist in enforcing them. Any potential fines will be levied against the owners of the condominiums if infractions are committed by their guests or renters.

It is not expected that these rules will limit the lifestyle of the majority of the owners and tenants. The rules largely represent the compromises dictated by group living. The purpose of these rules is always to create and maintain quality of life, right to quiet enjoyment, a degree of serenity and safety, and the general maintenance and appearance of the property. Everyone’s effort and understanding and cooperation is necessary to make it work.

Your full cooperation and observance of the rules are expected and appreciated.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Security and enforcement of the rules pertaining thereto are everyone’s responsibility.     No entrance doors of any type can be blocked open. If a door is found    open, please close it. If a lock is unlocked, please lock it. The Recreation Room washroom doors facing the pool will be locked at all times. Owners and tenants are required to bring their key for access.
  2. The Recreation Room will be locked at all times. Owners in good standing will be required to bring their key for access.
  3. All roofs are off limits except for maintenance.  For necessary access the owner must contact the management firm, BP Davis.
  4. All security matters must be reported to a board member, the management company, the Security Committee, or local law enforcement, as appropriate.
  5. In emergency situation, call 911.
  6. Any suspicious activities should be reported to law enforcement.
  7. Do not divulge the security access code to anyone except those with a need to know such as guests, medical personnel, or trusted housekeepers.
  8. Do not leave garage door openers unattended or in open vehicles.
  9. Owners are responsible for providing garage door openers, stairwell keys, and a copy of the rules to their renters.  Owners are accountable for the property safeguarding of all access devices.
  10. You are required by the condominium documents to provide a current key to your unit to the management company, BP Davis, for emergency access.   This key will be secured in the management office and will only be used for emergencies within your unit or attached common property. If you do not provide a workable key and if entry is required it may be a forced entry under the discretion of local authority or the Board of Directors. Any associated subsequent repairs will be the unit owner’s responsibility.
  11. The installation of satellite dishes must be approved, in writing, by the Board of Directors and must be mounted to the racks provided on the roof tops. For safety reasons there are no exceptions.
  12. It is up to each of us to be security conscious at all times. Please question people who do not live here or do not appear to have a legitimate reason to be on the property.




  1. Under state law smoking is not allowed in elevators.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in elevator lobbies.
  3. Elevators must not be used when in dripping wet attire as it creates a safety hazard.



  1. Smoking in the recreation building is prohibited at all times.
  2. The use of the recreation building for parties is prohibited.
  3. The recreation building may not be used for any private endeavors or any commercial activities.
  4. No children may use the equipment without adult supervision.
  5. Users of the recreation room are expected to clean up after themselves and wipe down any equipment they may have used. Users are also responsible for any damage.
  6. The exercise equipment is for owners and tenants only. Invited guests may only use the equipment if they are invited OVERNIGHT guests of any owner.
  7. The hours of operation for the recreation building are from 5:00 A.M. to 9:00P.M.
  8. By use of the facility you agree to hold harmless the Marina Village Homeowners Association of Brevard County Inc., its directors, and management company for any and all liability in connection with your use of the facility. Before undertaking any exercise program, consult with your physician. You will be exercising at your own risk and we urge caution that you do not over-exert yourself.
  9. No food or beverages, except water, are allowed in the recreation room.
  10. All exercise equipment must remain in place.


  1. The hours of operation or Dawn to Dusk.  There is not lifeguard in attendance so   anyone using the pool and spa is doing so at their own risk.
  2. The pool and spa are for residents and their guest only.  Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  3. Persons with skin abrasions, open blisters, cuts, skin diseases, sores, colds, nasal or ear discharge, or a communicable disease are not permitted in the pool and spa.
  4. Towels should be placed on the chairs if sun tan oil is used.
  5. Soap may not be used in the pool or spa.
  6. Pool furniture may not be removed from the pool area.
  7. Remove all trash and personal items when leaving the pool area.
  8. Proper swim attire is required at all times.
  9. All pool users must shower before entering the pool, whirlpool, or spa area.
  10. The maximum temperature of the spa is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If that temperature is exceeded, please vacate the spa and report it to the management company. The maximum continuous use of the spa is limited to 15 minutes.
  11. The Spa is for adult only use and children are not allowed to use the spa for safety reasons.
  12. No children under the age of 14 are permitted to use the pool unless supervised by an adult.
  13. All people in diapers or training pants are not allowed in the pool.
  14. Running, jumping and diving is absolutely prohibited in the pool and pool area.
  15. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area or recreation building.
  16. The use of headphones is required for radio, iPod, mp3 or CD listening.
  17. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.


  1. No vehicle may be left unattended in a place where it might interfere with access to or egress from the garages or parking spaces or vehicle washing areas.
  2. Parking is not allowed in fire lanes or in front of security gates.
  3. Overnight parking of any commercial or work trucks, vans, or equipment outside of the owners’ personal garage space is prohibited unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. Vehicles that are not in good operating condition or properly tagged and insured may not be parked on the facilities.
  5. No major automotive repairs are allowed on Association property.
  6. Owners are responsible for the prevention of oil and grease deposits in the garages or in any other parking spaces. Should such stains occur the respective owner is responsible for cleanup.
  7. Absolutely no storage outside of storage rooms is allowed. The only exceptions are kayaks, canoes, bicycles and small grocery carts, provided they are within the owners designated parking spaces and do not interfere with your neighboring parking space or cause your own parking space to become unsuitable for parking of your vehicle. Storage racks for these items may be affixed to the walls with prior written approval from the Board of Directors.
  8. Absolutely nothing is allowed to be stored within 18″ of the building’s sprinkler heads as required by fire regulations.
  9. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed at the owners’ expense. If a vehicle is considered to be unauthorized, a warning notice will be attached to it. If a vehicle is so marked, the owner or guest shall call the management company to prevent towing of the vehicle. Vehicles that are considered as “authorized” are the residents’ personal vehicles which are identified with a valid Marina Village decal or guest vehicles which display a valid Marina Village visitor pass. Visitor passes are valid for a period of no longer than 7 days. Longer stays must have prior approval from the board. Owners and tenants must display MV decal on the driver’s side front window and guests must display passes on dashboard.
  10. If an owner has guests in need of parking in addition to his personal spaces, the owner shall require the guests to use any legally available space. Do not park on sidewalks or grass. If you park in another unit’s assigned spaces, you must obtain the owner’s permission first. The guest’s vehicle must display the authorizing visitor parking pass.
  11. The garages are not storage units. Please contain all your storage within the assigned storage closets. Any unauthorized stored items may be discarded if left for more than 30 days.
  12. All owners and tenants must provide the make, model, color, and license plate number of their vehicles which will be kept on file with the Association. Vehicles not on record and parked on the premises will only be allowed for 24 hours.
  13. All vehicles on file with the management company or the association will be issued a parking authorization decal to be affixed to the car front windshield.
  14. Idling of engines in garages or parking areas is not permitted.
  15. The car rinse area is for rinsing and washing of automobiles only. Vehicles may   be washed using the hose bibs available provided that traffic flow to the garages is not obstructed. All material and equipment must be removed and the area left clean. Any soap residue must be washed or rinsed from the driveway and parking areas.
  16. All unit owners and tenants shall not park any more vehicles on the premises than the number of parking spaces that are owned by that unit.
  17. All vehicles parked on the premises must be muffled within the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  18. To maximize parking availability, resident vehicles with decals are required to park in their designated garage parking space(s).


  1. Pets shall not be permitted outside the owner’s unit unless properly restrained and accompanied.
  2. No pets are permitted in the pool area or the recreation building.
  3. Owners and guests must clean up after their pets.
  4. Only two pets per unit are allowed. Pets are limited to 35 pounds or less.
  5. Pets are not allowed on the perimeter of the marina.
  6. Pet walking is limited to the riverfront grassy areas, which should only be accessed by walking on the entrance sides of the north or south buildings.




  1. All trash disposed of in the trash chute must be secured in watertight packaging of sufficient strength to withstand a 4-story fall without breaking. No loose garbage may be put into the chute or the dumpsters.
  2. Any contractors working within the Marina Village must remove their trash off the site and are not allowed to use the building dumpsters.
  3. Diapers and animal waste must be within tight plastic bags and carried to the dumpsters.
  4. No large item may be disposed of in the dumpsters or in the trash rooms.  Large items include, but are not limited to, mattresses, furniture, televisions, paint cans, etc. Such items may be disposed of by calling a service such as Waste Management. (Current phone # is 321-723-4455).



  1. Corridors must be kept unobstructed.
  2. No nails, screws or any other items may be affixed to common area walls.
  3. Nothing may be hung from the balcony railings except the American flag on appropriate holidays. Any display of the American flag should be done with respect and dignity for the flag.
  4. Feeding wild birds from the balcony is not allowed.
  5. Sweeping, washing or shaking of debris over the edge of the balcony is not allowed.
  6. Tossing anything, including cigarette butts, off the balcony is prohibited.
  7. Walkways or common corridors may not be used for storage of any type.
  8. The only additional lights allowed on balconies are Christmas lights. They may be put up after Thanksgiving and must be removed by January 5 of the following year.
  9. Gas or charcoal grills on the balconies are prohibited by law.
  10. Wind chimes are not permitted.
  11. The moisture retention in carpeting will penetrate the concrete and cause the rebar to rust. This leads to very expensive repairs.



  1. It is the responsibility of unit owners to acquaint their guests, tenants, visitors, domestic employees, contractors, merchants, agents, and others for whom they are responsible, with such portions of these rules as appropriate.
  2. Owners are responsible for abuse of or damages to condominium property by any individual for whom they may be responsible.
  3. Owners must register their guests with the board or management company in advance and in writing of the proposed occupancy of their unit by others in the absence of the owner. Included in the notice must be the name(s), relationship(s) and expected dates of occupancy.
  4. No guest may invite other guests to use the common areas. Immediate family members, their spouses, and children wherever they live are not considered guests, however they must be informed of the condominium rules and regulations.



  1. All leases must be approved by the Board. At least 10 days prior to the tenant moving in, owners must submit a completed Application for Occupancy, a copy of the lease and a fee of $50 per tenant, not to exceed $100 per family to the management company, for Board approval. A criminal background check will be performed by the Association. The Board may waive the application fee if a current criminal background check and credit check is submitted with the application.
  2. Rentals must be for a minimum of three consecutive months and there can only be two (2) rental contracts per year.
  3. As a guideline, only two persons per bedroom will be allowed.
  4. Owners are responsible for insuring that every agent engaged to lease their unit is completely informed on the condominiums rules and regulations.
  5. Owners must have their tenants acknowledge and sign a statement that they have received a copy of the rules and have accepted them and will conduct themselves accordingly. This statement must be on file with a copy of the lease with the condominium management company prior to occupancy.
  6. Sub-letting by a renter is prohibited.



  1. Except as allowed by the Board of Directors, noisy operations such as hammering, drilling, chipping, pounding, grinding, etc. can only be between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on Monday through Saturday only.
  2. Volume levels of in unit entertainment should be maintained at a level so as not to disturb the occupants of neighboring units.
  3. During extended periods of absence, 24 hours or more, the water shutoff valves located in the laundry room must be turned off. This may prevent flooding of another unit from leaks or ruptured pipes. Under Florida statute you could be held responsible for water damage to another unit. Also the hot water heater circuit breaker must be turn off.
  4. Due to the high humidity in this area, residents are advised to leave the air conditioning on to prevent mildew or mold build up.
  5. The air conditioning units are located on the roof. Servicing or repairing the equipment is the responsibility of each owner. Access to the roof must be arranged through the management firm BP Davis.
  6. Smoke detector batteries must be replaced on a regular basis and at minimum twice annually.
  7. Recycle bins are located in the dumpster rooms or garages. Cardboard boxes must be broken down, flattened, bundled, and neatly placed next to the recycle bins.
  8. Feeding of any wildlife on the premise of Marina Village is prohibited

A copy of these rules must be made available to all renters. Guests who use the premises unescorted should be advised of these rules, so as to avoid embarrassment to themselves, you the owner, and the Association.

If an owner engages an agent for the purpose of selling or renting his unit, the agent must be made aware of the Marina Village rules and must review them with any potential buyers or renters.

When allowing the use or leasing of your unit, the Secretary of the Board must have prior notice of the occupant(s) arrival.  If this requirement is not met, you may be contacted, at your expense, to verify the authenticity of the person(s).

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